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Does Your Organization Enforce Its Established Safety Rule?

Ohh it is soooo easy for organisations to pride themselves as the best Safety Practicing Company, they come out of every other audit clean and aced, they have their policies, rules, plan intact and better yet all the personnel and resources are not left out. Customers, contractors and the general masses know they are on top of their safety game and oh they are the envy of other Companies. 

Boooom something happens and the outcome of the investigation leave people wondering. Are these Companies really who they say they are, have they been who they have been portraying themselves to be? Who are they behind the prying eyes of Governing Bodies,  Customers, Contractors, Stakeholders etc.

Mmmmh I wonder. Leave your comments, thank you

A Mini Ice Age?

Well you read that right, a computer somewhere with 97% accuracy so far is predicting an ice age soon. Wow!

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HSE Basics

I just realized we have not done the basic Introduction to HSE for some of our readers that might not be familiar with the terms we are going to be using here and will probably need some vital information from here. Well like they always say "it is better late than never". Please note that this is going to be given to you in bits. If you are not familiar with the terms already, then you might or can get easily bored with them if chocked with so many terms at a time and in turn lose interest in HSE and we do not want that for so just stay updated with our post and you will be getting it interestingly in bits.

So let us start with knowing the meaning of the acronym HSE or HSSE 'depends on the Company's preference'

H- Health

S-Safety and S-Securit


Well that is simply it and in case you are wondering why so many colors, well if you are going to be dealing with Safety in any way then you will have to get familiar with playing with colors "we will get to why when we get to safety colors" get used to the meaning of this acronyms for now. ciao