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OUR Earth, Our Only Environment

The importance of taking care of the Environment can never be over emphasized.
An Environment in a very simple term can be said to be anything or premises that surrounds you and this come alongside so many features like animals, humans, cars, truck, trees, People (referred to as biodiversity) etc. The Natural state of the Environment can be altered by man’s (Our) activities which can either be of positive or negative impact on it and sooner or later on you. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you and everyone around you should be the ultimate Engineer of what they expect of their Environment

The statement "what you give is what you get" relates perfectly to People and the Environment
If we:
  • Plant trees and nurture them
  • Dispose our waste properly
  • Clean and Sanitize our Environment and drainages
  • Segregate our waste for easy separation and recycling
  • Minimize our waste and strive to optimize the use of our materials/items before disposal etc.

The environment will in turn give us:
  • Clean and fresh air
  • Conducive/Healthy Environment
  • Fertile soil and in turn healthy crops for our consumption
  • And most importantly we continue to exist, our generation to come will be assured of their existence (update on WED, Themed "sustainable production and consumption" coming" 

But if we do not:
  • Dispose our waste properly
  • Clean and sanitize our drainages and surroundings
  • Mow our lawns and cut down your grass as at when due
  • Avoid waste and even burning them
  • Practice Sustainability

Then don't be too surprised when you get:
Flooding, contaminated air, ozone layer depletion resulting to global warming, Green House Effect and acid rain, Frequent ill health and all (read our last article for recent natural disaster), Extinction (Do you want to become history?)

This year's WED (World Environmental Day) on the 5th of June, 2015 dwelled more on this. Ensure you do all you can to keep your temporary and consistent Environment clean and habitable for you, everyone and other species around you.

Always remember that first you need to avoid waste, if you can't then apply the 5Rs of caring for your Environment which are Reduce, Recover Residue, Reuse, and Recycle and finally treat then dispose properly, apply these in your daily activities.

Update on WED article soon!!!