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Are Your Security Personnel Well Trained?

I was just thinking, how securities are always in the nooks and crannies of the company all day everyday of the week, month and year...have you noticed, how securities are the ones you meet and can see at every section of your Company? How much does your security know about safety of the people, information and assets "all they need to know or do falls within those three categories", my candid advice is that you should please, if your Company is of the slightest value to you, ensure your security is well grounded (well trained) on Safety, Health and Environment. 

Did I just hear you ask why? well the answer to your question is simply because, since they are always found in every section of the Company, they witness every activity that goes on whether wrong or right, dangerous, hazardous, risky or safe, if they are well grounded they will be able to control any trivial incidence before it goes out of control or cost the Company the whole Company itself. I hope you now realize why it is of utmost necessity for you to ensure your security personnel is sound in all ramification?

Still let me make it easy by giving you a scenario: assume there was a spark which resulted to just a small fire in a section of your Company and a few of your staff who were trained in controlling fire are not in this section, even the security on ground knows absolutely nothing about controlling small fire. How do you think the whole scenario would end?....well at this point I will leave that to you to resolve, I am sure you would find out sooner or later, "I ones had a mentor who said: train an apprentice everything they need to know and they will forget as soon as the training ends but let them find out some information and work on their own and they would not forget in a very long time, well I am not expecting you to wait till their is a fire outbreak for you to resolve how the scenario would turn out.

Still, have you noticed how ignorant most companies are? When they outsource security to another Company they tend to have the idea/notion that they have already been trained from their mother company or better still, they simply do not care if they have been trained or not, so they don't even bother training them. Well for your information, ensuring your securities gain all the knowledge they need, to carry out their duties perfectly is only to your own advantage....Being ignorant or doing the right thing can either make or break your Company, the choice is yours, it all depends on what you really want and what value you place on your Company.

Same goes to you ensuring proper implementation and practice of Safety, Health and Environment Management System in your Company, it is mostly to your advantage. Article coming up soon

Kids Safety Tips 1 (Biking)

You didn't ride bike when you were a kid, oh my, you have missed and the bad part is you don't have an idea what you missed. oh yeah let me stop using you, you, you I have missed too lol and why was that? cause I was always too scared, so careful I didn't want even the tiniest scratch on me, I didn't want to feel even the slightest pain what so ever but then I missed all the fun, the exercise, the freedom, feel of the cool breeze and the feeling of belonging to the fun group "oh my, pained much".

And now I know some parents will have kids like me, you can help your kids by giving them a little assurance of no hurt, no pain by making them feel safe and putting the following biking safety tips for kids to use:

  • First and most important ensure they wear a helmet to protect them from head injuries. Head injuries are very dangerous and can result to serious damage or even death so always be a step ahead of danger/accident. use your helmet and please use the right helmet don't give Daddy's helmet to junior or wear junior the wrong size, when you go to pick up the helmet ask for biking helmet for kids and ensure you go with your kid so they can try it on.
  • Wear them their knee pad to protect their knees from knee injury, it is another part where kids get easily injured when they bike and the bad part is, this part is hard to heal so why wait to go through all the stress of watching your child go through pain without being able to heal them, when you could have done the right thing and save them the trouble and yourself the trauma.
  • Ensure they wear shoes that cover their whole feet and not the ones that will either expose their toes or heels
  • Never leave your kid to bike on their own, they should always bike in the presence of an adult, Why? cause the danger an adult see coming while sitting down,, a child cannot see while biking, lol a little twist right there. Plus your presence also serve other purposes but we will be unto that, next time.
  • And lastly ensure they don't wander to the main road, they should always be on the side walk and opposite oncoming vehicle, that is, in the absence of a garden, playground, lawn e.t.c.
  • Do not allow loose clothing for biking always ensure they wear fitted cloths.
  • Teach them to obey traffic rules while young and they will never depart from it
Just maybe with a little assurance and the feeling of being save, your kid would not be a scared cat and he will not have to miss out on wonderful fun experience for kids. Always be careful, always

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Does Your Organization Enforce Its Established Safety Rule?

Ohh it is soooo easy for organisations to pride themselves as the best Safety Practicing Company, they come out of every other audit clean and aced, they have their policies, rules, plan intact and better yet all the personnel and resources are not left out. Customers, contractors and the general masses know they are on top of their safety game and oh they are the envy of other Companies. 

Boooom something happens and the outcome of the investigation leave people wondering. Are these Companies really who they say they are, have they been who they have been portraying themselves to be? Who are they behind the prying eyes of Governing Bodies,  Customers, Contractors, Stakeholders etc.

Mmmmh I wonder. Leave your comments, thank you

A Mini Ice Age?

Well you read that right, a computer somewhere with 97% accuracy so far is predicting an ice age soon. Wow!

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HSE Basics

I just realized we have not done the basic Introduction to HSE for some of our readers that might not be familiar with the terms we are going to be using here and will probably need some vital information from here. Well like they always say "it is better late than never". Please note that this is going to be given to you in bits. If you are not familiar with the terms already, then you might or can get easily bored with them if chocked with so many terms at a time and in turn lose interest in HSE and we do not want that for so just stay updated with our post and you will be getting it interestingly in bits.

So let us start with knowing the meaning of the acronym HSE or HSSE 'depends on the Company's preference'

H- Health

S-Safety and S-Securit


Well that is simply it and in case you are wondering why so many colors, well if you are going to be dealing with Safety in any way then you will have to get familiar with playing with colors "we will get to why when we get to safety colors" get used to the meaning of this acronyms for now. ciao