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Recent Toll on the Environment

Before my next post I want you to quickly scale through recent disasters to show you the importance of what we are talking about. you might feel ah that does not concern me, it is not happening in my Country and it would not, well my dear if you continue treating the Environment the way you do then it is coming to you sooner than you think. OK let me not get carried away lest we divert. let us take a look at the disasters and the effect on the people:

People under the scotching sun photo by Altaf Qadri

  • well the first is the recent heat wave in India presently ongoing reported to have killed 1,100 people in less than a week "yea you read that right, people not animals" God and according to CNN the worst part hit is the Southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh where authorities say 852 people have died in the heat wave followed with 266 in a neighboring state of Telangana.
Now who are the set of people who have been reported to have been hit the most, they are the poorer ones like the beggars, homeless and labourers of which Construction workers is said to have the larger chunk so far because they cannot abandon their jobs, they still have to survive even in the blistering heat according to CNN correspondent Malika Kapur.

Now let us be sincere with ourselves, who are the set of people with the lowest regards for the Environment...

Others are Texas and oklahoma flood which has resulted in the death of 6 people and 12 others missing, The Houston hard torrential rain on Tuesday which has been reported to have killed 19 people et al all this among other disaster we can not lay our hands on now. You can share your experience with us if any.

well I will leave that to you, the next time you decide to treat the Environment like you can do without it just remember that when the outcome of your actions reveals its ugly head it is going to hit you the hardest.

Now what can you do to avoid this-read our next post

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